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James Jordan on The War Amps (episode #5)
The War Amps

James Jordan was supported by The War Amps program having been born miss part of his left arm. He’s now doing the same for other amputees, promoting safety and raising funds through their popular key tag service.

Laura Yates on Plastic Waste(episode #4)
Greenpeace Canada

Have you walked in your neighbourhood and noticed plastic waste everywhere? A ban on some plastics products starts this year in Canada with a goal of eliminating all plastics waste by 2030. On this episode of The City, Laura Yates from Greenpeace Canada says that recycling is actually not the solution.

Simran Kappor and Ananya Ohrie (episode #3)
The Bottle Project

Student mental health is an ongoing concern during the pandemic. Students into Brampton, Canada created The Bottle Project 4 years ago to help peers. They are being “socially distant but emotionally connected.”

Angie Rivers on Police Culture (episode #2)

Is policing culture in Canada supportive of women? Angie Rivers served 9 years as a police officer in Waterloo, Ontario and alleges sexual harassment and gender discrimination. She says women, children and vulnerable people need much more transparency and accountability of the people responsible for public safety..

Filiz Ozmisir on Refugees (episode #1)
Refugee Girls Worldwide

Filiz is the founder of the organization and a Registered Nurse. The pandemic slowed down her impact in reaching girls in developing countries, but her organization recently receive charitable status in Canada.